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When one enters the doors of the Grass Home in Riverview, the overwhelming sense is that of “home.” This unique facility offers a superior level of personal care to seniors, and is an accredited nursing home offering levels 1, 2 and 3 G care, fully certified by the Department of Family and Community Services. Assessed by the Department of Health for providing long-term care, it is proud indeed of its non-institutional residential atmosphere. 

Founded in 1983 by Mr. and Mrs. Neil Grass, it is presently owned and operated by their son, John Grass, and his wife, Lynn, who purchased the home in 1998. John brings to this endeavour the expertise of degrees in science and commerce as well as valuable experience gleaned from his former work for a major corporation. Lynn is a registered nurse who brings eleven years of experience at The Moncton Hospital in various medical fields, the most recent being in geriatrics. Her R.N. designation is an invaluable asset to the residents as she can closely monitor each person and maintain a rapport with doctors in relation to medications and treatments, thus assessing a situation before it becomes serious. There is a Registered Nurse on call 24 hours a day! Indeed, John, Lynn and all the qualified staff work tirelessly to provide excellent one-on-one, personalized service to each one of their residents. Theirs is truly a labour of love with the rewards for a job well done being their true satisfaction.

Welcome to our home.

Welcome to our home.

According to Lynn, as life spans have increased and more people are in the work force, the care of senior loved ones is a huge strain on time and emotion. The Grass Home prides itself on alleviating the emotional stress on families and providing worry-free care to loved ones. Their level 3 designation is also a comfort to families and residents alike as it eliminates the need for a more traumatic move on the part of residents as their level of care increases. The Grass Home is a beautifully furnished, homey and comfy facility whose atmosphere is one of love. The experienced staff provides friendly and professional care 24 hours a day, organizes activity programmes, provides daily laundry services, and even in-home hairdressing. A lovely recreational room with TV and piano provides entertainment, especially the weekly visit from the “Grassettes” musical group made up of the sons and daughters of former residents who wish to give back to the home thanks for their loved ones superior care. A spacious deck provides hours of summer relaxation spent bird watching, enjoying the flowers, or just socializing. Roomy bedrooms are decorated with personal items from home and the entire house is tastefully decorated. Cleanliness is a top priority and the residents and the premise are kept in the impeccable condition one would expect in one’s own home.

A huge country kitchen provides home-cooked, nutritious meals that follow the Canada Food Guide. John personally does the grocery shopping, buying only best cuts of meat and choice fruits and vegetables. Specialized menus are provided as well as customized snacks. The intake of every resident is closely monitored as proper meals are a must for health and well-being.

Do you have a loved one in need of special care? Please feel free to contact Grass Home, 774 Coverdale Road, at 386-1740, fax at 386-7040, or email at jgrass1213@rogers.com . Make an appointment to tour their facilities and you will no doubt be delighted to discover a true “home” away from home!

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